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With German quality and expertise across the entire solar supply chain, MARIO SOLAR develop and apply the innovative technology for high-tech solar panels.
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The PERC solar cell has an extra layer on the back of the battery. This allows some of the sun's rays to be reflected back into the solar cells, giving them another chance to convert into energy. More efficient solar cells help reduce costs.
The Interconnection Technology is one of the patented tech which is developed by Mario solar R&D independently, using 1/3 cut cells and eliminating cell gap to increase panel efficiency considerably. Additionally, by changing the connection method of cells from single unit to one plate to lower working temperature and increase anti hot spot ability for superior reliability.

Amount of electrical current, by using cells, the electrical current ( i ) flowing in each bus bar is 1/3. Therefore, the amount of internal losses in a half-cut module is 1/9 of a full sized cell module.​​​​​​​
Eliminate cell gap to increase module efficiency significantly. Comparing with traditional solar panel, Interconnection series module uses more narrow ribbon, to Enables reuse of light absorption to increase energy production.​​​​​​​
The interconnection panel means that the unit of the panel is upgraded from a series cells to a plate. Through this innovative ideas, it eliminates the gap between cells and realizes the efficient use of the space of the module. At the same time, it optimizes the working temperature and improves anti hot spot ability for higher efficient and extreme reliability.
The Bifacial PV modules allow light to enter simultaneously from both the front and the back sides of a solar module. By converting both direct and reflected light into electricity, bifacial PV systems can generate as much as 30% more energy than a comparable mono facial PV system. The reflected light can come from a variety of sources, such as reflection from the ground or from a neighboring row of PV modules. The reflectiveness of the surface decides the albedo and hence the amount of the additional electricity generated of the bifacial PV modules. The installation height of the bifacial PV modules also influences the power gain and is recommended not less than 1 meter.
Jiangsu Mario New Energy Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the field of new energy, specializing in the design, production and sales of solar cells, solar photovoltaic modules and system applications.


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